In a study released by the Environmental Protection Agency, they found that pure biodiesel had astounding benefits over conventional diesel. Hydrocarbons were down by 60 percent, carbon monoxide and particulates were down 40 percent. Now, take into consideration that fact that at this point, you're bought a diesel because not only is it your work horse power engine, but it's better for the environment than a traditional gasoline engine. Consider going towards biodiesel now, and you'll be behind the EPA as they show that it even presents fewer health risks during storage and handling including decrease in cancer-causing compounds.
To top that all off: other agencies have discovered that certain ways of preparing biodiesel will actually make it carbon-neutral. What that means it that the emissions it lets off are roughly equal to the amount of carbon the plants making the biofuel take in. What this could mean is future development of farmland to increase production of biofuels, increase in farmland jobs and eventually a better atmosphere. 

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